Every company must have a strategy, an integrated overarching concept of how the business will evolve, what the targets and main goals will be and how they are to complement each other to achieve the desired objectives.

The wise approach is not to feel comfortable with your success in the past without having a “clear, well defined and communicated” strategy. Of course you have been successful to arrive to where you are today. The smart question to ask is how could I have done it better, and beyond that, but how much better I will do with a solid strategy.

The real challenge when seriously formulating any strategy is cutting cost or raising revenues or both. Well, I am against the simplistic cost cutting exercises which at the end of the day never guarantee sustainability. We like to be cost conscious but without touching neither the core nor possible value added activities, those things that in the end create client value.

No strategy developed exclusively by external consulting companies is either implemented or even implementable... You need to work hand in hand with your consulting partner, take responsibility of each step, put the best team and resources behind and feel it is yours if you want to make it workable and secure that it happens. PGC is here to facilitate such a process, that is my job.

The design process model



"Alrabie Saudi Foods Company did engage Mr José M González in a consultancy project from 2008 to 2010 and he has been a great help to us to identify and work, together with our management team, our business strategy with special focus on the marketing and sales arenas including our advertising plans. We reviewing our managerial talent gaps and overlaps, the capabilities and competences required to execute the strategy and the creation of the company BSC. Pepe managed to draw our future road map and without any doubt it did had a very positive impact into our business growth and development”.

Monther AlHarthi, CEO Alrabie Food Company LTD




Combining both practical experience and the latest approaches, PGC has developed an extremely practical, results oriented and easy to follow strategy design process model.

Together, we will select the best internal team from your organization who will lead the process. We will establish a detailed timetable of workshops and, in record time, you will be able to build a complete strategy framework from a solid business intelligence system to performance measurement tools to follow up results. You will also have a detailed capability gaps analysis and competence development plans to secure that the organization and structure are aligned with the new strategy thus securing real and effective execution.

I will facilitate this entire process, guiding you and your team through it, keeping strict control and discipline over the methodology, timing and commitments, challenging every decision and breaking any possible blocking to the process.

I will ensure that the project will be undertaken by a strongly motivated, committed and professional internal team and, even more important, that the client's team is trained for being self sufficient in the future.